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X-Particles, Octane: Explosia Disappears

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Hi everyone. I have 5 questions on Explosia, two major, and three minor:



  1. My "smoke" appears frozen while it is being pushed away, I'd like it to curl and have some turbulance. This appears evident in the preview window, but not the render. 
  2. My "smoke" suddenly disappears in the render, but not in the preview window. As far as I know, I have no opacity keyframes set ether, which makes this confusing. 



  1. My "fire" appears to change color unrealistically. Any tips on making this look more realistic? I realize this is subjective. 
  2. My "smoke" appears repetitious in the render, but not in the live-viewer.
  3. My Explosia source is an Emitter, but I am unable to edit individual particles in "Editing Mode," as the particles appear in different places in Model mode and in Point mode. 


Video on these issues: 



Included Files: C4D Save (843kb), and Cache (2gb): https://drive.google.com/open?id=1OlNviF9pQIjamw82kUnBOckzqn6j9HYw


Thanks and I hope you all have a great weekend. 


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  • I contacted the creator of X-Particles (Insydium)'s support channel through their Discord, and while they were incredibly helpful at elimating several of my issues, I still ended up having some others, and unfortunately my deadline was fast approaching and with someone offering to walk me through TurbulanceFD's features, I ended up purchasing it as well and managed to get this Octane result (for the fire) after 1.5 weeks of discussion Vs. the 2 months I've been trying with Explosia + Octane:



    If there is anyone out there that would be willing to take 1 one hour of their time using Skype/Google Hangouts one day to recreate this (using my file) with Explosia + Octane, I'd be all ears. I'd also be willing to pay you for an OBS Studio 1080p recording your process/narration so I'd have a good point to look and listen to for future reference (I'd take the raw file, no editing on your part required). I'd prefer to just use X-Particles because I really like it and would love to get better use out of the license other than just the yellow/blue air/fuel particles.  If you'd be willing, DM me here or my email is BLSmith2112@gmail.com. 


     In the meantime, my result will have to suffice until I'll have time to revisit this in early May. Thanks for reading, thread marked as /solved. 

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