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How to constrain pen to underlying mesh?

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I've recently switched over from Modo and am trying to figure out how to retopo in C4D with the Polygon Pen tool such that it constrains to the underlying mesh (that I am retopologizing). I've seen a few videos online that recommend using the Snap modes, but is that the best way to do it?


Thanks Forum!

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The best retopo setup in Cinema is in the HB modelling bundle, which comes with a brilliant set of tools that make setting it up a one-click manoeuvre. That uses the ShrinkWrap deformer to do instant reprojections, which is massively helpful, because otherwise smooth operations will lead to geo shrinking into the original surface, which reproject entirely circumvents...



If you don't have that, polygon snapping is probably the easiest other way.

Unfortunately Cinema doesn't have edge or face constraints other than that, outside what you can do with the slide tool.





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