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dear café,

i am working on an interactive sculpture with "plates" moving in a transformer style.

is there any way to unite several different movements to a kind of joystick control?

so if i turn the joystick left and  a bit up for example, it will influence a couple connectors?

later in reality we wil build it with steppers with limited rotation angels ... influenced

by sensors.  would be great to have a flexible simulation for that.

thanks in advance ... marian

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Moved to correct section (Dynamics etc).


Do you mean physical joystick as in real-world controller, or do you mean a virtual joystick within the software ?



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  • hello!

    in a way i mean both, still not so familiar with the c4d possibilities, in real world i am looking

    for a solution to animate moving doors of  "wardrobes" to start with a block like shape and end up

    with a very different open structure  (made a rough test yesterday with sounddesign .. see attached). the

    control of the shape i fed with sensor data, distance, loudness or maybe weight sensors to measure

    the crowd of people in front .. or kinect, don´t know yet. final version will have around six of this "modules"

    with different functionality and different design.

    in c4d would be great to simulate this sensor data with maybe a fader, which controlls several movements

    at once, for example the movement of the animation as one. i don´t know if this is possible, but would be great

    to have a kind of mixing console for the movements.

    have a nice weekend ... marian

    @Cerbera...thanks for moving the post

    @jmarco... sorry, i don´t understand what you mean

    ... video sound seems to not working

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    If you are just pre-vis'ing this in Cinema, then presumably it doesn't matter how you fake the sensor inputs for the purposes of demonstrating the mechanism ?

    If so, your 'fader' could just be User Data sliders that you would link in Xpresso to the animation components via range mapper nodes. That way you could use the HUD as your virtual mixer.



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