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Normal Direction to Selection/Vertex map

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Howdy all,


I've decided (after enough head-smashing-against-the-desk) that I need some help.  I need a selection / vertex map that returns 1 if facing camera and 0 if facing away. Effectively recreating the results of the Normal Direction shader.  I got kind of close using the Shader Field… which seems to work when driven by fresnel… but won't play nice with the Normal Direction shader (see below screenshots and attached project file).


Any help would be much much much appreciated :) 



Here is the Normal Direction shader applied to a tube. backfiring polygons are black:




This has been fed into a Shader Field driving a vertex map, but it isn't affecting the vertex map whatsoever:




Here is the same setup, using Fresnel instead, which is working:



Im hoping Ive missed something dumb (maybe to do with projection?), because the above solution seems like it just should work. But hey, perhaps there's an even simpler way- if you know what's going on, please lend a hand :)




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Hello, Fandango.


Are you looking for this?




João Marco



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  • Hi João, hope you are well :)


    Um, thats not quite what I need (apologies, I may have confused things by mentioning the fresnel). What I need is this:



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