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Help With Wrap / Bend Modifier

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Hi Everyone,


I'm new to C4d and still trying to learn my way around. I did an animation a few years ago similar to the one I'm working on now. It was done in Cheetah 3d though. I had the same problem in C3d that I'm having here. I have a curved sign that I need to be able to show various inserts being bent during removal and re-insertion. The biggest problems are maintaining the surface area of the part and being able to bend each side independently. Is there a way to make sure the part doesn't distort at all? Can I use a bend modifier with symmetry so I can bend each side independently?


I'm linking to the original video I did a few years ago. It's for a different sign product though. The new video will also utilize exploded view animation. Since C3d has a wrap modifier, but doesn't have any way to maintain the surface area. The wrap modifier couldn't be used with symmetry either. So I ended up using an animated spline that I extruded height-wise and gave some thickness to with a shell modifier. I used HotDoor CADTools to make sure the spline length always maintained the exact length I needed to keep in Illustrator, and then imported them. Very tedious method, but it worked for what I needed. I would definitely like some way to do this without having to do that again. C3d doesn't have a dope sheet either, so I had to literally write down on paper to try and sync keys with each other when I had to revise the animation a few times. 


This is a plan view of the product I'm now trying to match now (size doesn't matter, but the 215mm is the one I'm working on - 3rd from left). http://www.apcosigns.com/ispdf/is434.pdf 

The suction cup tool in the linked video was done with point animation. If anyone has any Mograph or other tips though that I can use on the suction cup this time around, I'd love to hear about that too.


Thanks in advance for any help!



Screen Shot.jpg

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If you need independent control of each side, just use 2 bend deformers set up symmetrically so they cover half the mesh each... I use that all the time in modelling.

Or if you don't need the independence, use 1 that covers half the object, then Symmetry to get the other side like below...




There is a tick button in the bend deformer called Keep Y-axis Length. Tick that to avoid stretching.



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  • Thanks for the reply and info Cerbera! I'll give the bend deformer a shot then. I'll see about stacking some deformers to get what I need. 

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