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David Martin

Need C4D Modeling and Animation Help

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Background:  I work for RiffTrax, we are a small creative company that makes fun of movies, if you’re familiar with Mystery Science Theater 3000, that is basically what we do.  I am a beginner with C4D and started to model our logo in C4D with the plan to animate a new logo intro for one of our live events.  I got a good deal of the way modeling the logo but ran into a wall and need help getting this project finished.

Scope of Project: I need help finishing the model particularity the film strip part; I included an image of our original 2D logo and the current state of my 3D build.   The microphone part of the model was taken from a mic 3D object we licensed, the text and film strip I modeled myself.  First thing I need to do is get the objects properly scaled and aligned in 3D space.  I will want the film strip to rotate around the microphone smoothly.  I also need to finish the film strip so we can do one of two things, either be able to map individual movie clips to each cell of the film or to make it look like a flickering film reel showing a movie.  I understand these are two different ideas that might require setting up the mapping totally differently but we can discuss this further.  Next I would need help with the LIVE text.  Right now this is built in 2D and comped in After Effects but would like to discuss how to do this in 3D so that the LIVE text looks like it is neon lights flickering on and casting light onto the logo.   Finally could use some help finalizing the lighting in the scene.

Budget: I do not have a set budget as I am unsure what it would cost.  I am looking for a couple bids that I could present to my boss to get approval to move forward.  This would be a paying job but on top of that the person working on this project would get credit for the work in our Live Show that is broadcast live to around 600 movie theaters.




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