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Arthropod Microsculpture

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Inspired by @anglereserve's recent post on his Bull Ant, I set about finding some reference for a Jewel Wasp I was thinking of modelling myself.

And while I was doing that, I came across this remarkable site, which not only provides some of the best arthropod reference anywhere on the net, but also is worth a look just for the sheer beauty of the images and the ridiculous level to which we can zoom in to appreciate the microstructure of these creatures. Absolutely breathtaking stuff, so sharing here for your reference (not you, angle, they don't have a Bull Ant unfortunately !), or general appreciation...



Now I've seen those, I'll be doing this orchid Bee I think...





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Insects are so gorgeous with macro photography, even a common housefly is beautiful! Both of you sure have bitten off big chunks to start insect modeling. I would love to see some of the results!

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Last year I purchased a simple device to do rack focus multi-shots. I started to look at tuts that help one combine such shots where the focal planes of various photos are overplayed. Life intervened and I never got started doing any photography.


I might have time now to return to this. I live in the Arizona desert and we have lots of interesting critters here. I’ll have to see if I can capture some spiders or scorpions. After the photography maybe I’ll take the textures and work them up in 3d. Alas...if time permits...


Awesome thread!

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