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A few hours into this Bull Ant model I posted in the members challenge area.


I worked on a couple of drawings on paper and then in Procreate.  I almost always do a drawing or two so I can try and figure out what shapes I'm going to be working on.





After that I put a few hours into the mesh.  Time to refine!




@cerbera Looking forward to seeing that wasp!




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1 hour ago, Hrvoje said:

wow, very cool to see drawing skills to! :respect: 

I feel like it really helps things along.  Regardless of when the drawings turn out or not, it forces me to really look at the shapes etc.  Thanks for checking out the post!

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9 minutes ago, Vozzz said:

great stuff! Love the drawing! been doing more of that recently. Definitly helps! 


Keep on keeping on, i want to see more!

For sure, I've been working  on this one all day.  Haven't gotten much farther yet but will update when I can.   Had a look at your rigging reel, very cool.

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On 3/15/2019 at 4:59 AM, mad said:

looks good. compliments ;)

Thanks!  I put another 6-8 hours into this model.  I still have to do the "mouth parts" and clean it up before UV's and texturing.  There are a lot of messy bits....  The butt was a pain in the.... but I think it's working now.

Bull Ant PT 3_2.png

Bull Ant PT 3_1.png

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Lols, I started with the back-end of mine, hence v slow progress so far - you're right - segmentation and multi-aligned panels like that is always a challenge, and mine's entire body is made of those  :) Yours is looking great tho...



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