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Diff between O and S? Camera gets stuck?

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Two most certainly dumb questions:


  1. What is the difference between framing a selected object with 'S' or 'O'?
  2. While I'm having trouble recreating the issue consistently, it seems like my camera pivot point gets locked (can't pan) sometimes after I zoom-select (or frame) multiple objects at once. On Mac, I press Fn+LeftArrow (supposedly the keystroke for Home) which then resets my pivot point. Any thoughts on this mysterious issue?


Thanks forum!

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I wouldn't say dumb - it's more than reasonable to be wondering about both those questions ! :)


S focuses a selection, which can be components or objects, whereas O focuses just a selected object or objects (in the case of single objects centering on its axis ).

You can test this by making any object editable, selecting a single polygon on the back of it, then do S and O to see the difference...


I also get the problem where camera pivot goes screwy sometimes, but usually fix it myself my just deselecting / re-selecting the current object, which seems to work 99% of the time for me...



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