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Greetings all,


I have a set (9 or 10) of simple spheres or "planets" orbiting around the origin, using a bunch of transformed nulls that drive the animation.

I'd like to have each sphere emit some particles, which eventually drift toward the center, but I'd like to save my self the labor of having to copy/paste all the objects, tags and ThinkingParticles nodes to each planet. I would think there might be a way to bake the whole thing to a singular cached geo which could be used as a single emitter surface (vs. making having to set up each single planet as its own emitter).


I tried using Timeline > Functions > Bake Objects, though this appears to only create a keyframe for each animated transform track (which in this case, are null objects only), but doesn't actually record the mesh data


Character > Point Cache only appears to work on mesh deformation at the object level, but not at the world level, in other words, its parameters are unavailable when the tag is applied to a null object.


I've considered turning the whole rig into a MoGraph object and baking that, though I'm not sure whether that would work as I don't know whether MoGraph Bake actually only caches the template points, or whether it also  can cache the instanced objects attached to the template points.


I've also tried various export / import formats (abc., fbx., dae., etc) but could not find a way to a solution.


Hoping someone might have a tip or two - I'm using R18


Many thanks!




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