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TurbulenceFD: Collider Body & Particles

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Hi everyone. Here's a short video describing this issue: 



GIF/MP4 Version:



Text version:

  1. I created this explosion and created a collision geometry using a series of primitive shapes in combination of using the boole tool to try and merge it all into one solid shape. I am assuming the problem I have with particles leaving the glitching through the container geometry is 100% correllated with the impercise geometry and may contain holes I don't see. If anyone has any ideas on how to correct this I'd very much appreciate it. If this is 100% a geometry issue, I'd appreciate someone letting me know in this thread, then I can reach out to the broader C4D community to see if anyone would be willing to remodel this for me and I'd pay them for their time to teach me how to make it. 


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This might be linked to the boole (don't they always cause the problems ? ;) not having 'Single Object' Ticked when you made it. That was the case in someone else's question yesterday, although that referred to dynamics collisions rather than TFD. I don't have TFD or have any experience of what it requires in a collider, but I would still make an educated guess that the boole is the issue.


You could test this by trying to confine TFD to just a simple isolated primitive (or any polygon object not made by booles). If it works with those, then I'd say the boole remains chief suspect.


If that is the case I can certainly model the part you need without booles, but obviously not having TFD myself, cannot guarantee it will work !!



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  • Once again you are a completely spot on rockstar. I ticked the 'Single Object', button when merging all the individual primitive objects together, and that produced a much better result. Not perfect by any stretch, but usable for my project. Here's the loop result: 



    I wish I could have figured this out with Explosia from X-Particles, but after trying to wrestle with that for 2 months, within 1 week I was able to attain this in TFD. I'd be willing to go back to Explosia + Octane if anyone out there in the world would be willing to have a hard sit down with me out one-on-one in an afternoon using Skype or something but until then, this will have to do. 

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