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Suggestions on good default quick render

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Hi, I'm coming from Modo which has a really nice default render setup (the camera settings, the default directional light, the global illumination, etc). I want to migrate fully to C4D, but as you can see by these two screenshots, I really have no clue how to get C4D to render nice creamy forms/shadows right out of the box.


Does anyone have any suggestions on what kind of lights and settings I should use to better approximate the attached Modo render screenshot? Thanks!

Quick C4D Render.png

Quick Modo Render.png

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If you just want a quick-rendering GI clay-render setup like this sort of thing...




...then the setup is fairly simple - GI applied, Physical Render, no lights, no AO etc, then this scene file sets all that up for you...


Clay Render Scene.c4d


In that scene, we have basic colour channel only grey material applied to everything except the Sky, which has a simple black to white vertical gradient in Luminance, which gives very soft, light, diffuse shadows. If you need those heavier, just replace the Sky material with any HDRI that has more contrast in it.


Hope that helps



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I'd suggest something more like this so the sun can be moved around to get just the right amount of area shadow and position.  Light mapping also gives more light bounces and renders faster.




Clay Render Scene 2.zip

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