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UV Mapping Complex Object

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I've been following various tutorials on UV Mapping and I wanted to know if this approach to UV Mapping is a correct approach or if I am completely off/overcomplicating it?

I first divided my model into several saved selections. Then with each selection, I UV mapped it. I used the Frontal Projection and then I used the Relax UV option. So far I've completed half of my model using this approach. I've heard how difficult/tiresome UV mapping can be, that is why I wanted to inquire about the approach I am taking. The tutorial I followed (youtube) showed the method I am using. I apologize if I am not using terminology correctly. (I plan to take the UVs into Substance Painter or photoshop afterwards)


Here is a link to my C4D file. I've also attached an image of the UV Map that I've constructed so far.


Any guidance is greatly appreciated.

Snapshot of Process.PNG

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That is quite a hard thing to map because it is difficult to know where to put the seams where they won't be visible to camera. I'm not sure I would have chosen the same locations you did ;)  But if you are happy with your seam placement, then yes you are going the right way about UVing it...


But I think if it was me I would have split it up on a per-tentacle basis, or even not used UV mapping at all in deference to something like Tri-planar mapping, in which seams aren't a problem because we can automatically blend between them...



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