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Apply image or video to spherical object

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Hi! Im working on a dome projection mapping and was wondering how to correctly adapt material - image/videos- to a half-dome or spherical (hemisphere type)  object. In particular, I am planning to add a mountain scene and saw this example of a plug-in for AE where it adapts along the bottom edge  a large elongated image into the half-dome (see image). 


Does anybody know: How to achieve this correctly in c4d, bringing the image into the half dome and adapting it correctly to  its curvature?

(Im working with 4096x4096, 1:1 pixel ratio.)

ae vr disccusion.jpg

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Look at HDRI maps in Cinema, which are not square, but equirectangular, and get projected with Cinema's Spherical mapping onto spheres for the most part, and get applied as a full 360 degree panorama, not just the top half of it, which seems to be the case in your example. And if you look at the aspect ratio of those HDRIs you will see that they are not the square type, so your 1:1 ratio image won't work with that mapping. You need to make your background image equirectangular and 2:1 aspect ratio and then it will work with Standard Spherical mapping in Cinema with no need for plugins.



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Ok, thanks a lot, will get on it and experiment util i get it  =)


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