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Netsor PCI Expander + 4 Ausus 1080s

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Hey Guys,


 I haven't posted before but I read here often and am so thankful to have this place as a resource.


I've been considering selling my GPU Turbobox Pro from Netstor NA255A.


I thought I might try on here before listing on Ebay. It works great. I am just starting graduate school soon need to save up for the fall.



Netstor link :




For sale from B&H : https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/980261-REG/dynapower_usa_na255a_xgpu_netstor_6_slot_pcie.html


Link to GPUs I am running in it:





Its a pretty amazing device and massively enhanced my rendering and photogrammetry workflow with Agisoft Photoscan. Currently, I have 3 Asus 1080  Turbo (blower style) GPUs which have worked amazingly and a Titan XP (Pascal) in it. I have it connected to my HP Z840 that also has 1 Asus Turbo and and One Titan XP in it. On a cool day I can almost get 900 on Octane Bench with all 6.


The Netstor is about 2 years old and the cards are a little over a year.


If someone is interested in the Netstor I would prefer to sell the 4 Asus Turbos with it. I have all the original boxes for the cards.


Asking $3600 OBO. Plus Shipping from USA


PM me if you have any questions. I can send pics.








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