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Dusty glass

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How can one make dusty glass like in this image of a wine bottle?


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Dusty glass can be made several ways. You can either make a regular glass material, and another one for the dust, then apply both to your bottle (dust material tag to the right of the other one in the object manager), and use the alpha channel in the dust material to define where it appears over the glass. Or you can do it one material using the Layer Shader and Layer Masking within it.


Either way, you need to find a good dust texture - either find a suitable texture image online, or make one yourself from various noises. If doing the latter I suggest you base it on the Turbulence-based noises or FBM type, and use poxo for the mask, with highish contrast and controlling the amount of dust via the octaves settings.


Here we have a really basic glass bottle I threw together, with a dust material on top of the glass material, and we are looking at the Poxo noise I have in the dust material's alpha channel, which controls how much dust we see. Here we have very light dusting, which we get by using just 7 octaves in the noise...




If we up the octaves to 9.5 we get more dust...




By 12 octaves, we can see quite a lot of it now...




...and we can push that to 15 to really go overboard...




So I'd use a single layer of noise to get the basic level and look of it right, then start combining that noise with larger scale ones to control how it appears distributed over the model... here's one with our Poxo noise in a layer shader, with a large scale FBM high contrast noise multiplied over the top...




Now we only get the dust in certain places...


The other thing to mention is where that second material gets applied. If you are doing glass bottles properly for example, they will have real world thickness, and you should use selection tags to make sure that your dust material ONLY gets applied to the outside surfaces, not to the inside, where of course there wouldn't be any dust...


Hopefully that gives you some idea of how we can layer materials and add dust to stuff.



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