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Cloner: Independent up vector on clones

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Hi all,


Wondering if anyone knows a way to override the Up Vector of clones on a surface. 

  • In short, I have a human cell model that's surface is animated using Displacer and Random  deformers.
  • I need to scatter some small receptor structures on its surface, which I'm doing using Cloner's Surface Distribution function.
  • The position of the clones follow the animated surface, which is what I want, however the clones also inherit the normal direction of the surface (polygon, or point, I'm not sure which) which is something I don't want.
  • Rather, I'd like the normal direction to be inherited from the center point of the object itself, so that the clones' positions follow the surface, but they always face directly outward, rather than following the vector of the nearest poly or point.


I'm guessing this might be a job for one of the MoGraph Effectors, or alternatively there's some Xpresso-based solution, but I haven't figured it out.



  • Is there a way to make a sub-selection of polygons on the cell object, after I've applied the Displacer Deformer and Random Effector.  "Active selection" doesn't seem to be available after these are applied to the base mesh.

Thanks ahead of time to anyone with tips!






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Please take care to post stuff in the right place... Moved to Mograph etc...



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You just need to turn off "Align Clone" in your cloner settings, then add a Target Effector.  Make a null in the center of your cell and make that the target object.  Then you'll just have to rotate the axis of your Receptor so that it points out.  Finally, add a Random Effector to randomize the rotation.  See my file:

receptors_minimum v2.c4d

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Thanks very much natevplas for the quick response! Exactly what I was looking for!



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