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Hi! Heard that the Carbon Scatter plugin was the most powerful plugin for scattering grass etc. Contacted E-on Software, but they are not selling Carbon Scatter anumore. Does anyone know where I could get my hands on this plugin? Thanks, Joachim

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Yes.  The best part of the e-on software tools was Carbon Scatter and that is the one tool they are not continuing.  The mis-steps made by that company show how easy it is to lose your dominant position in a marketplace.


Don't some 3rd party renderers also offer some pretty good instancing capability as well? I know Cycles has the ability to scatter and rotate instances and Octane has that capability as well as scale randomization.    Also, Forestor has a some good scattering control capability built into their tree plugin.  But Carbon Scatter was just the bomb.  You could feed it anything and control it pretty well.  Never played with Surface Spread...I will have to give it a look.



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