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Hey guys,


I've just started trying to learn how to rig using the character object. Ive lined the Spline Components with my character and now want to start animating however, when I click the animate tab my character changes and isn't as smooth. Ive added a subdivision surface to my character but it does nothing.


Another problem is when i go to to animate the arms under 'steps' or 'Path'  they completely change position (example screenshots)


Heres a link to the file - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Vxf0D5X5oOnpVPrVrp8OH_TN-i_Gc-LT/view?usp=sharing 


Thank-you! :)

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Katiesh I don't mean to disappoint you but your spaceman (lovely model by the way) is not going anywhere for now.


1. You have almost 1 million polys and another 23 poly groups tagged on top. Mind you a hero Game character is around just 15k. Rigging & skinning properly this model is close to impossible.

2. Your geometry is all triangles with non specific flow. Character animation needs topology with edge flow to support mesh bending

3. You have on top applied textures stressing the processor further and making skin weighting issues on your rig really hard to identify.


You need to retopologize your character with movement in mind, bring down the polys to a manageable count, rig and skin then properly and patiently, and then you can start the animation process.

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