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Hello guys, I think I found a nice idea for a new very short (30s loop) one shot video with dumb fun stuff. Shorter but way harder (at least compared to Danger Zone I finished in December).


There's challenging parts (morphings) and I'm still wondering if I should do it 3D or 2D.

I attached a couple illustrations I made for the overall look I'd like to get. Then I just made a quick low poly model of the grandpa and was a bit surprised by the length of the rendering with Redshift.

Since I always played with single models, I was able to get decent render times, but here with my 7 grandpas, the render took 1m45 instead of 20s for a single one.


So, it's already kind of problematic without having high poly models with textures and such.

I also noticed that the viewport was very laggy (even with low details on) with the most complex shots for Danger Zone (the intro with a few flowers). So I guess I'll not be able to do any work with my current computer on this video.


Here are my specs :


i7-4770K 3.9 GHz

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770 4GB

+32 GB RAM & 650w PSU


I guess I could buy a 1080Ti on my build (+ a new PSU ?) but I'll still have the viewport problems, right ?


Since I'm kind of broke, building a new stronger workstation is not really possible but I could spend around 1000€.


With all that in mind, I wonder if I'd just should keep my money and think 2D.


Thanks in advance.

Vieux 001.gif

Screen Shot 2019-04-01 at 01.22.27.png

Screen Shot 2019-04-01 at 01.24.31.png

Frog 002b.gif

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Can you not use Render instances to massively speed that up ? I presume RS has those ?

Or failing that maybe you could use the cardboard cutout approach, somewhere between 2D and 3D ?

It is a very cartoony look - you could use Sketch n Toon - that might be faster than a RS full render ?



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  • Thanks for the suggestions CBR, I guess I was a bit depressed and seeing a friend today cheered me up. I tried a combination of SnT shaders with GI and I like the not too slow results, that might do the job :)

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