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My R21 Wishlist

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15 minutes ago, 3DKiwi said:

Who knows. They should probably knock $300 off the price of the Studio bundle and do a deal with Insidium so that you can buy TP for half price.

From what I heard the guy that started Insydium used to work for MAXON.  This would tell me he wanted to make something great and he could not do that at MAXON because of something.  Some thing could be politics, everyone at MAXON being cat people aka crazy, too many checks and measures, not enough time to do actual work that effects the program.  With as slow as MAXON new features move in comparison to how fast Insydium comes out with new things it all points to something being very wrong in the MAXON office.


Back on topic; I've also never known MAXON to pay anyone for their program to be integrated.  It seems really dumb that they don't.  Insydium has payed for and integrated things.  MAXON does not.  Having a deal like what you say would financially be similar to them buying up Insydium and having it in C4D.



As another feature if PhysX was integrated in C4D that would be great.  It's open source now so MAXON would not have to pay one penny.

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Hello, you all.


As I said somewhere in here, if 10% of total C4D users bought XP, then it would be very nice if Cinema integrate this plugin for 60 euros more for all to have it - with same revenue for Insidium. And it will be a total new software, as simple as this. If there is an ego situation, then, shame on them. The world will not stop.


And, don't forget, I'll bet that the MAXON's commercial line is already thinking in a new marketing as - cof cof - SideFX: 250 euros/years an Indie license for 100.000 euros or less studios' revenues.


If not, tell them to ask me... I'll help. :-)

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a sharper user interface (crips text and windows) for the menus, for people like me working seriously on a 32" screen with windows 10.

A more fluid handling of the models too please.


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On 4/4/2019 at 8:47 PM, Martin Schiller said:

a sharper user interface (crips text and windows) for the menus, for people like me working seriously on a 32" screen with windows 10.

A more fluid handling of the models too please.



I'm on a 32" 4K on windows right now and it's all very crisp?  I can only guess you don't have your settings right?   You know you can also customise the interface font in preferences - I am using Nirmala UI at 14 and it's fantastic.

As for 21... 
Expresso update would be nice.

Volume Cache

Faster volumes - it's CPU only at moment.  Leverage that GPU goodness.

Better Volume Mesher. 
Auto Retopology that works. 
VR mode!  Camera control / Modelling / sculpting

Better Viewport rendering

Hopefully redshift integrated into the Viewport - not for rendering (yet) just actually so you can see what's going on without having to use the viewport node on every material. 

Selection tools. 

Now here's the Biggie.. you ready for it.  


A compositor!  A really good Hybrid / Layer based 3D compositor with Cinema's awesome straight forward adaptive interface.     Anything to bury the awfulness that is mostly single threaded mess that After effects has become. 


Imagine comping footage in C4D like environment. 
Same cameras and render settings lights etc 

Possibly layers AND node based AND 3D environment. 
OpenFX plugins. 
Could be potentially live (with redshift) - so multi layer 3D renders are automatically updated in the comp view.   Work in low res and then render out at the end.

The possibilities are endless.  Damn... it could be a beautiful thing.   

MAXON - I am not a programmer... but have a great vision.  Give me a call ;) 


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Wow... can you imagine a Compositor built into C4D !   That would be amazing...  To do all your video work "in house",  so to speak...

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Agreed on updated modelling Selectors, Set Flow and Creasing.  I've been learning Maya and all these are great in that package.

UV editor updates and stability.  My UV editor crashes C4D all the time on higher poly meshes.

Bodypaint and Sculpting could use some love.  Something more like Mudbox would be amazing, but stable (unlike Mudbox).

Overall Speed.  Medium sized scenes really kill Cinema and super detailed stuff isn't very do-able.


As for thinking particles I'm fine with XP or Houdini engine.  There's already more community support and current information out there for theses.  I don't think MAXON would really be able to dev something competitive anyway, especially with Houdini.


Price drop would make sense too but after they raised the Maintenance price that's doubtful.  I feel like MAXON is going to have a  really hard time acquiring new customers at the current price.  There are a lot of other interesting value propositions especially with Houdini Indie and Blender.


I didn't pay for this round of Maintenance and am likely jumping ship if R21 isn't more compelling.



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Do MAXON employees look at these types of threads? I hope they do. For what it's worth, here's my message in a bottle.


I'm using Cinema 4D for character animation and my R21 requests are:


Selection Tools

  • Symmetry


  • Parallel character rig computation

Skin Deformer

  • Ability to change Priority

Script Manager

  • Code completion
  • Ability to change font-size

Visual Selector

  • Python API for Hotspots
  • Larger Script window
  • Ability to Refresh Background Image


  • UVTerrace by Edges
  • UVTerrace Preview Highlighting
  • Ability to view/edit multiple UVW tags at once
  • Interactive Cut and sew
  • Brush relax

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9 hours ago, cinomadic said:

Do MAXON employees look at these types of threads? I hope they do. For what it's worth, here's my message in a bottle.



Threads like this are mainly for discussions among forum members, actual requests towards MAXON should be sent via the suggestions web form


This makes sure they don't get lost. Don't expect any immediate feedback tough, the suggestions are collected in a database, sorted by the given categories and then regularily reviewed by PM and others.

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-VR editor

-Removal of old junk

-Time Fcurves for Animation (TimeTracks are fiddly)

-Re-worked cloth system

-Re-worked spline dynamics

-Updated hair system

-Integrated physics--or just buy XP

-GPU acceleration everywhere, esp. Volumes and Sims

-Commander entry of xPresso nodes; xPresso UI improvements

-Open API for node material systems to integrate w/3rd party renderers


With Substance Painter and Rizzom I don't care anymore about BodyPaint/UV System. Now that I don't care...it'll probably come in R21. ;-)


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There is a lot I want.  But I'll be dissapointed if we don't get new xpresso with new nodes, awesome 3rd party nodal support, and some performance improvements. 

I can't even imagine how amazing a compositor in Cinema 4D would be with new nodes system, tied to an updated Bodypaint.... a nice dream.

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