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My R21 Wishlist

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-Particles system

-Improve the retargeting  system for different rigs (mocap, mixamo, ...)

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On 4/1/2019 at 5:10 AM, Cerbera said:

And we are way overdue a 'Set Flow' function that would match the curvature of any point or edge to its neighbours. And a smooth / relax brush with 'shape

preservation' option.

Would be awesome, indeed.

And actually make the tools that have the "Preserve Curvature" option actually do it based on the surrounding geometry because my guess is that what it's doing is just pushing the the edges away, with no calculation involved. A comparison between C4D and Maya in this feature shows a big discrepancy in the results.

On 4/2/2019 at 7:15 PM, Cerbera said:

I mean, surely they can't do it better than that can they ?! :)

They don't really have to do it better than XP. They need to be it better than it is. Or better than nothing in the case of fluid simulations. Would be happy with SOMETHING, not necessarily something that beats RealFlow and Turbulence FD.


On 4/27/2019 at 10:40 PM, cinomadic said:

Interactive Cut and sew

They really need to add transformation axis to the UV editor first of all.

Non-uniform scaling in the UV editor is just... ***.

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On 4/13/2019 at 11:57 AM, rasputin said:

Wow... can you imagine a Compositor built into C4D !   That would be amazing...  To do all your video work "in house",  so to speak...

Hi Rasputin,


I hear ya but I doubt this will happen due to current integration with After Effects via Cineware, unless maybe MAXON did something like have an integrated After Effects Lite in the same way After Effects has Cinema 4D Lite. 

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I would hope MAXON would take a more innovative philosophy to expand the power of all in one C4D.  They have a great support for Adobe, but they aren't tied together (unless they are.. by some contract.. I don't know).  In any case, it's a dream that probably won't ever come true.  If you want nodal compositing, the options aren't great.  I don't like what Blackmagic has done to Fusion... but I guess I should feel lucky standalone Fusion is still being developed at all.

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Here's my wishlist, obviously not for R21, but for any future version moving forward:

  • Open node editor for 3rd party developers (R21)
  • Faster, more expanded features for volumes (R21)
  • Integrate Redshift into Cinema... Is anyone using ProRender? (R22)
  • Faster viewport
  • Complete overhaul of the UV system (or just buy Rizom)
  • UDIM support
  • Update Xpresso to match the look of the node editor
  • Remove the need for the priority system
  • Expanded modeling toolset (bring it up to par with 3ds max)
  • Expanded character animation tools (bring it up to par with maya)
  • Update Sketch & Toon (and fix flickering lines with animations)
  • Update built-in particle system (shouldn't have to rely on X-Particles)
  • Update how sound tracks work in the timeline (Use Sound, Start Time, and Sound should be animatable properties. Also sound tracks are funky when using the Take System)
  • In Render Settings move Stereoscopic and Material Override into "Effect..." menu (I know this is small, but it just makes sense haha)
  • When creating primitives, option to put axis at base, instead of centered within the object
  • Anyone anyone using ProRender, PyroCluster, BodyPaint?

Sorry if any of this sounded harsh haha. I absolutely love Cinema 4D and the community around it. I just want to see it continue to improve!

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Big Picture, MAXON must start moving towards leveraging GPU for a wide variety of functions and processes. If they don't do it soon... 


I won't finish the sentence.


But I think they understand fully well...and are on it.

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Cinema 4D Demo with save features for more than 42 days!


Or the option of buying for studying purposes, say, like the price of Houdini Indie. Wanted to get back to C4D, but short on money.

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Some easier way to do retopology internally.

reshift with new Node Interface (i assume on the way)

removal of ProRender :)

Super - Multithreading everyting!

New Body paint

Easy UV Unwrap

Unreal Engine built in.

VR Support for Editing

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Meet the new list (pretty much the) same as the old list:


  1. Much better viewport / object manager performance. I.E. Rapid looks development whether 1 object with a million polys or a million objects with 1 poly (to use a cliche example). Don't care if it's CPU / multi-threaded or GPU-based, just want it to work much more smoothly than it does. 
  2. Better UV, retopology worklows. Not really my gig but I know how many other people need this / tire of using third party patchwork of solutions. 
  3. Proper symmetry modeling tools. I think virtually everyone can benefit from this whether you do Disney style animation, motion graphics, or something else.
  4. Continue to polish the new nodal materials system and integrating with available renderers, particularly ProRender.
  5. Continue to polish the new OpenVDB workflow.


I'd be real happy with any 3 of those. I don't even care which 3 although #1 is far and away the most important and holds greatest potential benefit for all users IMHO. Hopefully the promise of the new core is realized in a couple months.

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Fix viewport speed fix viewport speed Fix viewport speed fix viewport speed Fix viewport speed fix viewport speed Fix viewport speed fix viewport speed Fix viewport speed fix viewport speed Fix viewport speed fix viewport speed Fix viewport speed fix viewport speed Fix viewport speed fix viewport speed

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