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My R21 Wishlist

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On 7/16/2019 at 2:42 PM, cinomadic said:

Has anyone heard what we might expect from R21? Only a couple weeks away from SIGGRAPH.

I heard that Cinema 4D will start shipping with a free baked potato. But it sucks because you have to buy your own sour cream.

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I have been recently working with retopology with C4D. It works fine when you place the points on the mesh surface and the retopologized mesh is projected on the surface of original model with polygon pen. But sometimes it is not when you place the point not on the surface. The result is the new retopologized mesh is not always stay on the surface. I tried to use the smooth brush trying to smooth it, it seems the mesh does smooth but it no longer trying to project on the surface of the model. So it keeps smoothing and smoothing and seperated from the original model. My wish is, if MAXON can add the reproject function to the smooth, it would make the retopology super great tool. As you already have the funtions built in, and all you need is to add an existing function to the existing tool. I am not sure how hard it would be, but it is very doable. I really hope this woul happen someday. 


Happy Modeling, Happy Rendering, C4D Great Tool for the Success!



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