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My R21 Wishlist

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Hey guys,

You know what I would like to see in a future release of C4D?      Better selection tools.     It should be easier,  I think, to make sophisticated selections of all kinds.    Above all,   I'd like to be able to,  on a mesh object,    select only Front-Facing Normals Polys...   Or only the rear-facing normals.

Also,   the Phong Selection mode should be perhaps more effective...   making it easier to select polys that fall along a slope.

As the years have gone on,  I find that my objects are often very high-poly...   especially with the advent of the Volume Building features.     With high poly objects,  it's tedious and frustrating to make precise selections,  especially if there is a jumble of Front- and Rear-facing polys in evidence.

So,  I say,  I'd love to see  R21 have some more  advanced,  clever and sophisticated Poly Selection tools.

Thoughts?       ras

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1. Selection Tools. Agreed to an extent - it would be nice to have the sort of selections as given by plugins like Selections Suppletives etc, although that plugin supremely fills the gaps until then... but I am not sure why you'd ever want to select rear or front-facing normals - surely you'd just use the Align Normals Command to sort that out ?


2. Phong Break Selection doesn't care if stuff is on a slope or not, only what the angle between neighbouring polygons is (or where the phong breaks are), and that is already about as flexible as it can be given that we can override the phong and set it to exactly what we need live in the tool.


There are things I'd like to see fixed in R21 though - we need a comprehensive crease sets system for use with SDS, and we need Open Subdiv, and creasing to work with UV maps, which has been broken since R18. In fact SDS could do with an overhaul too so that it works with smoothing groups for example...


And we are way overdue a 'Set Flow' function that would match the curvature of any point or edge to its neighbours. And a smooth / relax brush with 'shape

preservation' option.


We also need a Global Reset Button in the Modelling Axis Department, and Buttons to instantly 'Make Planar' on X, Y, Z, or the workplane.


I'd also like the ability to expand the Material Preview window in the Node Editor like we can in the regular material setup.


And the 10 year later re-writing of Bodypaint and Physical Sky.


But most of all, I'd like to see the Fog Mode of that volume builder used to render smoke, clouds, fire and liquids.



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Cerbera,  am I the only one who's noticed that Align Normals almost NEVER works?    On an extremely simple low-poly mesh,  it might,   but if the model is even slightly complex,  Align Normals does not yield any appreciable effect at all.

And my copy of Selections Suppletives gives me a menu...  in POLISH!    Which I can't make sense of at all,    and I don't know how to change its language to English....

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2 hours ago, rasputin said:

Cerbera,  am I the only one who's noticed that Align Normals almost NEVER works? 

I'd be lying if I said I had never seen this fail, but most of the time if it does that, it is indicative of somewhat more serious problems with the mesh. It should never fail on a mesh that is otherwise perfect.


2 hours ago, rasputin said:

And my copy of Selections Suppletives gives me a menu...  in POLISH! 

I'm not sure that is available in English. But you just have to spend an hour 1 day going through the French Manual for SS, translating it in google. Then make a custom palette of all the SS icons, rename them in English and save to your layout !!

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There is a huge amount of things that could be done to make the life of a character animator and rigger easier.  The best move for the MAXON would probably be to make a character animation and rigging system that was far beyond what anyone else has while also making it the easiest program to use with mocap.  Character animation is also motion graphics so it would fit perfectly to help C4D stay at the top motion graphics.


Many of the other things to do are being done by other programs.  The ones that I feel would help my life the most would be the following.  A better bool that is multi threaded, can do unlimited bool like Hard Ops for Blender, and automatically do good bevels.  Having a Bevel tool that doesn't give overlap ever when beveling would be great.  The overlap when doing a bevel now can be seen best when beveling text.  A UV stacking option, good retopology tools, a good baker that can bake one object onto another so the new object looks almost the same as the old one, and a dynatopo like feature when sculpting to have it automatically add geometry where needed.

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A better way to generate new simple low poly topology, similar to Topogun

Faster Dynamics and Softbody

Faster viewport

Native 3DS max import compatibility

better Boole (multithreaded)

ofcourse new bodypaid and unfold



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On 4/3/2019 at 7:15 AM, Cerbera said:

Do you really think they'll bother replacing TP now X-Particles exists ? I mean, surely they can't do it better than that can they ?! :)



Who knows. They should probably knock $300 off the price of the Studio bundle and do a deal with Insidium so that you can buy TP for half price.

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15 minutes ago, 3DKiwi said:

Who knows. They should probably knock $300 off the price of the Studio bundle and do a deal with Insidium so that you can buy TP for half price.

From what I heard the guy that started Insydium used to work for MAXON.  This would tell me he wanted to make something great and he could not do that at MAXON because of something.  Some thing could be politics, everyone at MAXON being cat people aka crazy, too many checks and measures, not enough time to do actual work that effects the program.  With as slow as MAXON new features move in comparison to how fast Insydium comes out with new things it all points to something being very wrong in the MAXON office.


Back on topic; I've also never known MAXON to pay anyone for their program to be integrated.  It seems really dumb that they don't.  Insydium has payed for and integrated things.  MAXON does not.  Having a deal like what you say would financially be similar to them buying up Insydium and having it in C4D.



As another feature if PhysX was integrated in C4D that would be great.  It's open source now so MAXON would not have to pay one penny.

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Hello, you all.


As I said somewhere in here, if 10% of total C4D users bought XP, then it would be very nice if Cinema integrate this plugin for 60 euros more for all to have it - with same revenue for Insidium. And it will be a total new software, as simple as this. If there is an ego situation, then, shame on them. The world will not stop.


And, don't forget, I'll bet that the MAXON's commercial line is already thinking in a new marketing as - cof cof - SideFX: 250 euros/years an Indie license for 100.000 euros or less studios' revenues.


If not, tell them to ask me... I'll help. :-)

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