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Hey everyone, 


A die-hard Mac user here. I've been with macOS for more than 10 years now and never ever thought of switching back to Windows. Until recently. I'm currently shopping for a new laptop, to be able to edit video and use C4d on the go and in all honesty I find all the latest macbooks pro quite disappointing in terms of price/specs ratio. It physically hurts to splash 2 grand on a macbook and get a semi-decent performance. Yeah, it looks and feels dope, I agree. But not for professionals in the field, more like for average consumers who shop the looks and not looking to edit 4k video in Premier. 


So this Huawei Mate Pro X guy is all over the place now, with headlines such as "Macbook Killer" and "This is a Macbook for Windows" and so on and so forth. After quite a thorough research I must admit it really deserves the all the hype and considering its price tag - definitely the one to consider. 


But here comes the good ol' friend Windows...


Or how I used to call it: Mr Blue Screen

Mr. Too Many .DLL files and if you delete one by accident -everything gets f.cked.

Mr. I literally accept all the viruses without dress code... please come in, don't even bother to take the shoes off...


Ok, dad jokes aside.


My question is, is Windows 10 Home or Professional any stable for our type of work in 2019? Is it something I can rely on while working on a processor chugging scene in C4d without being afraid to see the beautiful ERROR message pop up accompanied by the most ear-pleasing sound ever. Or should I ditch this idea and stick with macOS and keep wasting money that are so hard to earn these days?


Many thanks for all the feedback!

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