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UV Mesh visibility in Texture Canvas?

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In the BP-3D Painting module, when viewing the UV Map Canvas in the Texture window, it is very difficult to see the map against the background color, making it almost impossible to use the Texture view as a guide for painting on a model. The only way I have found to make the map visible in that canvas is to activate Polygon mode in the main menu. This makes the map visible and allows you to paint on it. However, you can't then paint on the 3D model in the 3D View without activating the 3D painting mode--which then makes the map unreadable in the Texture view, and so on.


Does anyone know how to make the map visible in the Canvas while the 3D painting mode is active?

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Hi Dewitt, agreed, the UVs are indeed hard to see. How about filling the polygons with color in the texture window to increase contrast:

In the Bodypaint view first click the wand icon and make sure you uncheck the calculate uv's tag.

Then your model will be filled with a default color and it's ready for painting.

Now you go back to the texture window, you select a UV group and you assign a color (that will make contrast with the background). Pick a color from the swatch menu.

With your selection active, go on the top right texture menu: layer/fill polygons.


This technique works great for ID maps as well should you decide later to use a dedicated 3D painting package.


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