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Hi, is there something equivalent in c4d as in 3dsmax "Edit poly" modifier? 
eg. I have an editable cube and i wanna extrude/bevel few polys non destructive.

In 3dsmax u add edit poly, u extrude there and u can disable it anytime. And u can keep adding those modifiers as a stack and do various mesh operations.
Any input appreciated. Thanks

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Cinema simply does not operate like Max does - we do not have 'the stack' it is famous for, and Cinema is not, primarily, a procedural modeller.


The nearest we get to that sort of functionality natively is using the Correction Deformer, which allows us to access components of primitives. That does NOT allow us to then go extruding and slicing about. Or in sculpting, we can use layers, which give largely the same effect, but only in that environment. And the volume builder could be said to allow some level of parametricity. We can do parametric til the cows come home with mograph and whatnot, but as far as poly modelling goes, that's pretty much a 'no'.


But we are not entirely lost in this regard, polygon-wise. Head over to MAXON Labs and get the Py-Parametric tools. Now you can model parametrically, but its not exactly convenient. But it is the best we've got so far.





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