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Folks that are speculating here and via pm, here is a simple answer. Adobe is not buying Maxon - simple as that. Not sure how on earth can anyone conclude that given this development? This, if anythin

Dave is very cool and grounded guy, he never talked with any of us at Maxon with a bossy attitude. We truly believe he is capable to lead is in a better future.

10 min keynote from the new MAXON ceo! Just announce the big news and wrap it up. I like his style! Tim Cook can learn something from this.

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Guest mbyrne

Just looked up Redshift website and it seems like serious product. Good move from germans, they were little thin in rendering game and this will certainly place them in very good position in market. Also, they now have a chance to show how they treat bought products and talent by distinguishing themselves from Autodesk gobblers and this, if palyed well can attract users - very smart if you ask me!

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It's a very serious product I can assure you : )  I've rendered stuff with Rs I simply couldn't have dreamt of rendering with the standard C4D renders. If you're coming straight from the in built renderers it takes some learning - but it's worth it. Definitely a big boys toy : )

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I finally made it to the MAXON page and I am not quite sure what to make of this statement:


Will Redshift be integrated into Cinema 4D?

  • Redshift is a separate product which already offers outstanding support for Cinema 4D. MAXON and Redshift will be working closely together to make that integration even better than it is today.

So while they say that MAXON and Redshift will be working together to make integration better, that does NOT necessarily mean that Redshift will be integrated INTO C4D.  It could still be a separate plugin with better integration but that you still have to purchase it because they do say it is "a separate" product.  They never directly answered the question "Will Redshift be integrated into C4D".


Thoughts anyone?




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MAXON goes from having one of the slowest render engines in the market to the current fastest non real time render engine on the market.  This is a great move.  Very happy that Autodesk did buy it.  It is very surprising as they have not bought anything since thinking particles.  I hope this means Prorender is dead for good and never mentioned again or have anymore development time wasted on it.


For those wondering what this means.  After reading the offical MAXON site nothing is changing for now except tight integration with C4D.  Even the Blender plugin is said to still be coming out.  It makes sense to do this as it would be dumb to stop money coming in from the sales of Redshift for other softwares.  Less money being earned from sales is less money.  They like making money.


Better integration with C4D should mean Redshift works perfectly with all nodes and procedural materials in C4D, nodes, the sky object, scenes made with c4d mats, and everything.  Redshift also talked about a realtime version which might now become an option for the viewport.  C4D should have their code open enough so any render engine could insert code X to have all the procedurals working with any render engine.  It's really sad they don't have the code working in that way.  The nodes are cool, but unusable for anyone using a 3rd party render engine.  With nothing really changing, but Redshift being better integrated, having C4D say they made it so the procedurals and nodes work with any render engine exactly like they do with the built in C4D render engines would be a bigger announcement than them buying Redshift.


What I think might be possible with MAXON buying Redshift is a deal for people that buy R21 and a deal for people that want to get Redshift.  Owning Redshift means they get to decide the price.  They could give it away for free to everyone that has C4D with a version that only includes the C4D plugin.  I hope they figure out something good.  On their site they do say "The MAXON Service Agreement currently covers existing license of Cinema 4D. Redshift is a new MAXON product and not included in existing MSAs."  Bad news for people current MSAs.  It does mean they are thinking of having a MSA where Redshift was included.


For those that don't know Redshift it is currently the fastest render engine with professional photo quality results.  Redshifts speed, quality, light bounces are way better than Arnold render.


Exciting things are coming in future versions of Redshift as well.  They have announced a toon system, RTX support for faster rendering for those with RTX cards, using Nvidia new shared memory in the newer Nvidia cards like RTX 2080, 2080 ti, and RTX Titan so 2 cards can combined their memory, 2x8GB cards would show 16GB of memory for rendering,  and perhaps the one I'm most excited for is real time rendering.  They didn't go in depth into what real time rendering means for Redshift, but with the hardware of the Nvidia RTX cards I'd guess it means a rasterizer combined with real time raytracing to give a photo quality render with GI using video game technology in milliseconds instead of minutes or hours.

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Wow!  this is HUGE news.  Although Im not doing CG at the moment I had to come on here and say a huge congrats to MAXON.  This is a very smart and good move.  I had purchased Redshift as a alternative to Vray due to its licence changes and think Redshift is by far the fastest render engine iv ever used even on old hardware.  Things are look positive for MAXON more than ever and think MAXON are heading in a good direction.



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Interesting move by MAXON. Gets in the way of AutoDesk. Good news for Cinema4D as well as a whole - ProRender isn't quite the solution they (I think) were hoping for.


My Spider Senses are tingling though: might this be another step to woo Adobe and prepare C4D for its inclusion into Adobe's fold? Probably just paranoia speaking, but lately so many mergers and buyouts are happening. 


Addendum: Substance + C4D + RedShift + AfterFX + Adobe cloud services = jackpot

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22 minutes ago, Igor said:

Damn, sounds legit. :compEnjoy:

Oh that's depressing.  Please say it ain't so.  I really don't want to pay monthly for using C4D nor do I want to pay an inflated monthly fee for access to an Adobe suite of products if all I want to do is use C4D.  As a hobbyist, I only have enough time to learn (and therefore use) C4D....all the other stuff would be wasted on me.


What a buzz kill to my Redshift excitement.



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