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On 5/9/2019 at 7:54 PM, Hrvoje said:

You are not taking into account people on Mac and AMD users. It is quite an investment to get a PC with adequate GPU + 3rd party render engine and learn another OS....

I think sadly Mac is a waste of time for 3D these days unless the threatened Mac Pro is any good - but I guess that will be expensive. Also I like you point Hrvoje about the cost of investing in a PC with adequate GPUs. If you think about it a couple of GeForce RTX 2080Ti GPUs will set you back the price of a good workstation so if you are planning on four of them it gets a bit expensive…

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Folks that are speculating here and via pm, here is a simple answer. Adobe is not buying Maxon - simple as that. Not sure how on earth can anyone conclude that given this development? This, if anythin

Dave is very cool and grounded guy, he never talked with any of us at Maxon with a bossy attitude. We truly believe he is capable to lead is in a better future.

10 min keynote from the new MAXON ceo! Just announce the big news and wrap it up. I like his style! Tim Cook can learn something from this.

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On 4/12/2019 at 5:51 AM, luchifer said:

Do you guys happen to know why final render in cycles is a little brighter than live preview? 

Not sure if you've found the answer to this already.

You need to render in 32Bit, I usually use TIFF. Then your render will look the same as your preivew window.


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Have anyone heard if the annual maintenance fees are still at play after R21? My annual maintenance is coming on the end of August and I just find it super silly since I have payed for both software in full  and MAXON now owns Redshift. Also, Is the rumor about native C4D noises being revoked to work with Redshift correctly? Upping res on C4D noises in Redshift causes major slow downs. It pretty much bricks my pc when I play with the res :(  If they fix this I'm trowing party at my house, who is coming? 

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