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Here's the other end, topologised a slightly different, but equally valid way... actually I say that, but it's not as good as the other end, because in this one we don't have the superior edge flow redirection; note the flow still goes up and down the model. So that's a B grade solve rather than an A*.




And now we;ve been through how to do it properly, I should confirm the quick-fix way as well - your phong tag didn't have any Angle limit on it, which is why you were getting that horrible polygon shading. So you could have partly fixed that by turning the limit on, and reducing angle to 30 degrees... in fact you should do that anyway with your model even when nicely made...



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This solution is just a quick fix. Cerbera's is the proper way.


Yes what Cerbera said is true. Planning a model and creating the proper polygon flow is critical, depending on what you need to do with it. I took your shapes and combined them, then selected all the points and hit Optimize. This cleans up a lot of weirdness. Then I deleted the polygons on the top. Now when you choose Close Polygon Hole, it seals it up nicely. Repeat for each set of polys. Now, in my file, I duplicated the model and selected the new faces, right-click and selected Remove N-gons just to show what is really going on. I also enabled the Phong tag which fixed some shading issues.


If you are going to deform this shape or drop it under a Subdivision Surface (still want to call it a HyperNURBS), then this solution won't work well. If you just need this as is and drop a material on it, then it works.


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