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X-Particles or Houdini?

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I have an X-Particles 3.5 license and they are doing an offer today for half price upgrade. But I was also looking at Houdini and that seems more powerful :-)

So I am in a dither whether to upgrade my X-Particles or go down the Houdini route and have very little time to decide. So I thought I would ask here what seasoned users would go for?

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They are very different animals, though some of the things they do overlap. Houdini is vastly more powerful in more areas, being as it is, an entire DCC application rather than XP, which is, at its core, a particle plugin for Cinema. Both have their place, XP is amazing, but Houdini is so extremely reasonably priced, sale or not, I'd say get both ! Houdini is a total powerhouse, but you can't beat the convenience of having some of that sort of power direct in Cinema, which is what you kinda get with XP.



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After much testing Houdini Indie is the way to go.  It's cheaper, more efficient and powerful.  You can also use Houdini engine in C4D or cache out VDB files for volumes that would bring XP to its knees.  For example, a sim I set up in Explosia took over 4 hours to export as a VDB with a pretty high Voxel size of 1.5.  A more complex sim in Houdini Indie took me 10 minutes to cache out for use in C4D/redshift.


That being said I really like XP for simple easy to understand set ups and projects that you don't need a lot of resolution for.  Like @Cerbera mentions, it's nice to have the tool right in C4D.  I really think that they badly need to push for more optimization though.  I'm not sure if this is a MAXON issue or Insydium.....  I have both but it's very likely this will be my last renewal for XP unless it becomes vastly more efficient.


I would highly recommend trying out Houdini Apprentice which is free.


At half price XP or XP and Cycles is a nice tool to have.  Full price is a big ask though IMO.

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@SKaiser  I've been working through the one on Lynda.com.  It's tedious but thorough when it comes to the interface and basic concepts/workflow.  Along side that I'd recommend playing around with the shelf tools too otherwise you'll end up feeling like you aren't getting anywhere.  They also have a Houdini engine tutorial but I haven't looked at it yet.   Still working through the Houdini Basics one.   


Here it is : https://www.lynda.com/Houdini-tutorials/Houdini-Essential-Training/571627-2.html?srchtrk=index%3a2 linktypeid%3a2 q%3ahoudini+ page%3a1 s%3arelevance sa%3atrue producttypeid%3a2


And the Houdini Engine one : https://www.lynda.com/Houdini-tutorials/Houdini-Engine-CINEMA-4D-Maya/183381-2.html

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