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Too many particles for Cinema4D ?

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Hi guys,

I'm doing a simulation in realflow and have about 45,000,000 particles of foam. I'm importing the rpc cache via the RF bridge and connect it to thinking particles. 

The problem is When "level of detail" is at 100% all my ram (64giga) is filling up fast and C4d crash. Actually it crashes when level of detail is at 12%....But if I want to render all of the particles it need to be on 100%.

Any solution for this (Just don't tell me to upgrade my RAM - that's not an option - and I doubt that 128giga will be enough ) ?




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The convenient, but not cheap, solution to that problem is the Krakatoa particle renderer by Thinkbox/Amazon. Unfortunately, it is unclear if they will continue to support the C4D plugin with R20 and later. 


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How much information are you caching for each particle?  For example, do you need to cache particle rotation for the foam?  Do you need to cache velocity?  I would imagine all you need is position for foam, so how big does the cache file get if you ignore everything else?



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I am somewhat pessimistic if it can be done... the few times I tried to import several millions of particles using the RF-connect plugin/TP Cinema became super-slow  (that was with weaker hardware though).



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