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Can Cinema have a better payment model?

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So I am looking at the pricing on Cinema...


I currently freelance ( for past 10 years) for a medical company and do all their in-house training animations however they have decided to get in a 3d Student ( Bosses son to do them instead) which is fine - I'll be helping them out I am sure.  


Studio only - I understand the reason for Lite / Education versions, but really do understand fragmenting the Range. It only creates  confusion!  Does anyone even buy Broadcast/Visualize?  Personally I think they should only have Studio but hey ho....

I missed out on the £900 any version > 20 studio upgrade discount  (not that I could find an old Version to buy) which is annoying


So this is what I have worked out: 

Option 1:  Buy it then MSA - Big initial outlay then a reasonable amount per year
£2850 Perpetual 

£525 MSA per year  / £43.75 a month. 

Over 3 years: 


Over 5 years: 


Option 2: Rent it -  

£900 for 6 Month Rental 

£1800 a year

£150 a month 

Over 3 years: 

Over 5 Year: 


But no MSA / Cinversity another $295 yr1 then $95 a year.  So approx 9500 over 5 years. 

So Buying it is the way to go?  You can resale if needed/retire I understand?

Do you guys think with the new CEO they might change the whole payments to Subscriptions or something different? 

Anyone have any inside knowledge about upcoming flash sales?  they have been 30% 1 day sales for the past few years around end of April / early may.




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The rental option is meant for studios that need  a few more seats for a limited time in a specific project, it was never meant as a long time offer for single artists.

The fragmentation is part of the idea to offer Cinema 4D on different levels to different customer groups, something that has been done since R5 in various ways. The current system is a lot less fragmented than the modular system we had before.

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  • I do remember being really confused with the old modules system - But do people buy the other options?  Such weird pricing with different bits missing from Prime, Visualise, Broadcast. 

    I am all for paying the right money for development etc  - but it is about cashflow for me and a lot of freelancers I suppose.  £150 a month is managable but 3K quite a chunk of change in one go - and pretty hard to swallow with Houdini Indie @ $269 1yr/@$399 2yr which is the full app with only a couple of small limitations.  

    You don't even get the MSA for the first year for free... so potentially you can have the previous version after only a short period. 

    There could be a freelance version which is single seat Studio without network rendering - with a max earning thing like Houdini / Unity for like 1K a year. 


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    I must say that I think the pricing/features could be streamlined too.


    I would think you could break it into 3 strands:

    1. Education: The cheapest version available to those with certification that they are a student. Available as the full 'Studio' product but with some limitations (max 3 years, resolution size cap, single render node?)

    2. Indy: Mid-priced available to low billing (under €70k) freelancers, hobbyists. Available as the full 'Studio' product but with some limitations (single render node, limited support etc.)

    3. Full version: everyone else, ie Pro freelancers & businesses & institutions. This must surely be the bulk of who pays for C4D anyway.


    I don't really see the point of cutting down the products capabilities, this is what sells the product. Especially as many people are already paying for a separate 3rd party renderer and particle solutions. 


    As learning any 3D app is a big time commitment, it's better to get people using your product the earlier the better. Then they're less likely to switch later. The Indy/Education tiers should be thought of as an investment in consumers rather than an economic loss.







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  • The best thing adobe did to stop fragmentation and version headaches did was use the subscription model. No one has any reason to not be up to date and using the same software*  MSA is MAXON’s subs basically with high upfront cost but feature limitation is not the way to do it. 


    Unity has a good model but I am not sure how you PROVE your earnings to them? The honour system? 


    *They should have a cheaper per app cost tho to create a custom bundle... I never use the web stuff for example. 

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    I will play devils advocate here.  I am a fan of the tiered system.  I run Broadcast and for my work, it covers everything I need.  I work in Entertainment (live music and television) and don't need Hair or Dynamics or Cloth (have Marvelous).  So I'm thrilled that I can buy in for $1695 instead of $3695 for features I don't use.  That $2K savings has bought me Marvelous Designer, Corona, Redshift and tons of models, material packs and training.  Also - my MSA is only $400 a year.  Everyones workflow and needs are different - just offering a different point of view.

    evanalexander.com     Abusing chromatic aberration heavily since 2011....

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