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X-Particles VDB Cache


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Hi Guys,


I was hoping someone could let me in on a little knowledge.


I have an xpexplosia sim and due to me using a laptop my memory is eaten when trying to cache the sim as a vdb so I can render it with redshift in cinema. I actually only want 1 frame of the sim. Is there a way to cache only 1 frame? eg- I want the frame at 48 when I have looked in the viewport. I have tried to set start frame  at 47 and end at 48. Ive set the efx format to vdb and everything else is set to default except I created a folder on my desktop for the cache to save to.  I appreciate your feedback.


Edit - Ps hi, this is my first post but I come here because I learn from the discussions here :-)

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WHe you

2 hours ago, DeoGregz said:

I have tried to set start frame  at 47 and end at 48

Are you using "Set Initial State" to do this or trying to do it in the render settings?  If you are doing it in the render settings, you need to do it in the xpExplosia Dynamics object.

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I’m new to x-particles so I don’t really know what you mean, sorry. 


I did manage to get 1 frame out but the cache took as much memory and it took the same amount of time it took to cache all 48 frames. I want to be able to speed up the process and save memory too if it can be done. I create stills, not animation hence only needing one frame of the sim exported as a vdb. 


I’ve tried signing into insydiums forum but my confirmation email is not arriving for some reason so I have login details but can’t log in to enquire in there. 

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Yea, I had the same issue with the forum.  The process seems to be broken.  I emailed support and they said there should be a confirmation email but there isn't.  I'd send a ticket so they can investigate.


So for the Initial state.  It's in the xpExplosiaFX effects object under the solver tab.  Play to the frame you need to and click "Set State."  Then that frame will become your first frame.




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