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How would you texture / UV this "coin" ?

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I made a coin in zBrush and now want to apply texture on it in C4D.

When I import my texture into C4D and use Camera Projection for my UV, the artwork does not match the object, what am I missing here? I have to keep tweaking the U & V and offset to get it to match, but shouldn't there be an easier way?


would UVW mapping be the best way instead of Camera projection?


When I Imported this .OBJ from Zbrush to C4D, it made my computer very slow due to million polygons from zBrush.....Should I create a "Low-Res" model and use that for Texturing?



thank you

ZBrush ScreenGrab01.jpg

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Short answer, yes, you should definitely create a low res mesh with displacement textures out of Zbrush.  I've actually never used Zbrush, but that seems to be the typical workflow I've seen done.  There must be a million tutorials on how to do this since it's a very common thing.

Then I'm not sure how UVing works in Zbrush (of if you can set up proper UVs), but in Cinema I would create a new UVW map for it.  Map the front and back faces flat, then map the edge in cylinder mode.

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Plus one with @natevplas.


Here's the workflow.

1. Make a low poly version of the Coin in C4D starting from a disc or a cylinder. Make sure the dimensions are very close to the high poly model. Maybe use a soft selection on the center of the upper side to replicate that concavity your coin has.

2. UV that in C4D or any other dedicated package you may have. Cut the 2 caps and one cut on your cylinder. Lay them down on a high res texture (2048 or 4096)

3. Take the low poly back in Zbrush and duplicate it as a Subtool.

4. Import your high poly coin in the scene

5. Subdivide it the low poly to match the count of the high

6. In the Subtool menu rearrange hierarchy having the remeshed high poly on top and the original high poly right below. Now Save.

7. Choose the remeshed high poly and have only the original high poly visible (or to be honest the exact opposite, that confuses me every single time) and click project details

While it's calculating don't touch your keyboard

8, Your remeshed model should look identical to the original coin.

9. Go to Geometry, on the Remeshed high poly and lower your subD to let's say 20k

10. Go to Normal map menu, press Generate and then Clone NM.

11. No go to your texture menu and export that texture to your specified folder.

12. You may need to go  to Photoshop and flip the image vertically.

13. Export your 20k Coin as Fbx or OBj.

13. Back in C4D apply the new normal map on the newly exported Coin (and check your Y/green channel if looking right up) and done!




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NIce.. this will be helpful for me if I ever get Z brush. Thanks

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