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Any Interior Multipass Renders?

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Hi Guys


I'm teaching a course on Interior Rendering, and the last session is about after effects compositing. Sadly I don't have time (and the payment doesn't pay off to do it) to prepare different realistic interiors but I'd like to composite a few scenes for them and let the students practice. 


Does anyone have interior renders they can or would like to share for this? If not do you know any tutorial I could buy which has project files that are arleady rendered scenes with multiple passes?



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Hi ivanpais,


Sorry, I don't have anything like you're asking for. Have you tried marketplaces like CGTrader or TurboSquid?


I've used a few interior scenes for renders, but I work in the signage industry. So I just needed some interior shots to show the signs mounted (wall mounts, ceiling mounts, projection / flag mounts). My main goal wasn't to show the interiors. 


There are some really good series of tutorial videos on interior render passes for archviz, but it's for Modo and not C4d. Some of the principals should translate somewhat across applications. 




Is the class a general class or is it specifically aimed at Cinema 4d?


There's also Richard Yot's stuff, also aimed at Modo, but some of the techniques may transfer.



Hopefully someone more dedicated to Archviz will come along and can help you better than I can. Good luck!



Also if you haven't seen this website before, it has a lot of really good stuff on it.


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