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Xparticles Generated objects with anim


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Hey all, 


Thanx in advance for any help comes my way :)


I made an object with splines and sweep nurbs but when I try an generate it as a particle the animation is different. It pops on way larger than intended and shrinks back down to manageable size  but then any easing animation I have in the object seems to not be coming through. 


Wondering if this is a limitation of what xparticles allows as a generated object, or is there a button im not checking somewhere?  


How its laid out:

I have animated an object with a series of rectangles and sweep objects in c4d. Essentially its a series of squares that radiate out like a rain drop hitting water. 


- I have a rectangle spline controlling the size of the square and another controlling the thickness of the sweep around it. Both of these Rectangles are also controlling the animation. 

- The sweeps are duplicated 4 times and then I offset the animation on each square to get the ripple effect. 

- All the sweep objects have been parented under a null.

- I put the null and children in the generator object

- The Xparticles object emitter is a cube with no forces I just want the particle birth to generate the object and then die





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2 minutes ago, anglereserve said:

@DNEG It's hard to say without looking at the actual scene.   I can look at it and see if I can find the problem.

I got help on Isydiums forums.

For anyone-else experiencing this issue:

Under the xpGenerator object> Object> Scale,Rotation, and Offset> Scale Using: Source Object Scale. By Default its set to Particle scale. Ha HA and with all things CG it twas one button that solved my problems:)

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