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Amy Sterling

Any idea why a video came out lowres?

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I rendered this animation of neurons overnight at 1920x1080 



Unfortunately the frames look awful! 


here's a frame comparison from the animation vs a png rendered at the same resolution. What went wrong? Is this because I rendered an mp4 rather than png sequence?




In case helpful, here are my render settings, set to mp4. We originally tried octane but the meshes are so complex that we ran out of memory.




Any help and also constructive criticism is appreciated. Thank you



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I usually go tiff > After Effects > mp4 and I set the mp4 bitrate to 30Mbps. In the C4D mp4 dropdown you can set bitrate in kbits, which would equate to 30,000 for my AE quality. You can also set keyframes which AFAIK is the frames that contain a full image - the inbetween frames being interpolated. Typical keyframe is 10- 30, too low increases file size.


Some people use much higher than 30Mbit.


What bitrate were you using ?


In AE you can set target and max bitrate, so parts with more detail or movement get more bits.

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Definitely always render to a .tiff image sequence and then make your .mp4 in After Effects. The risk of locking up half way through, plus the type of problems you had, justify that route. When it locks up at frame 1936 or wherever, you won't care because you just restart the render at 1937. It took me a lot of grief and time to finally learn this lesson! QT is a bit of a mess at times.

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  • Thank you! @jed I was using the default bitrate in Standard renderer. The models had too many polys so I have ended up downsampling and re-importing so that I can use a GPU renderer. I will try the export with .TIFF next time. 

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