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EAlexander Sketch Book 2

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Both are great and I will continue to use them both for personal and professional work. I think of it like camera bodies.... one is a Nikon and one is a Canon.  Corona is much easier to use and I prefer how it handles light. But Redshift is so fast and does great Volumetrics and SSS. 

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Yeah I've been dabbling in Redshift as well for two or three weeks now and I'm impressed by how fast it is. Octane does definitely look slightly more realistic but compared to Redshift it's just slow, especially once you bring volumetrics into the scene (SSS, fog, etc.). I was impressed by how fast Redshift handles GI. Had a pretty suboptimal scene setup (room with a smoll hole where the only light shines through) and it still managed to render the scene at 4k in sub 5mins on a 2070 super with GI and full PBR setup. No flickering as well, just standard settings.

The only thing I don't like so far is the material editor since it's built on top of XPresso. It's just fiddly especially if you're used to Substance Designer.

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P L A G U E   D O C T O R.

And back to Redshift.




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05.17 Some product shot practice with Redshift.  Model from Turbosquid.

05_19_peloton_Shot 01_v01.jpg

05_19_peloton_Shot 02_v01.jpg

05_19_peloton_Shot 04_v01.jpg

05_19_peloton_Shot 05_v01.jpg

05_19_peloton_Shot 06_v01.jpg

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19 hours ago, DasFrodo said:

Man you're doing these things at a speed...

Ha. Trying to build up my portfolio in other areas. 

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