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working on an animation af a character currently and the character needs to grow bigger during the animation and I am not sure how to do that. When I simply rescale the my master controller the character deforms in a wierd way... 

what is the workflow to properly do that?




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  • hey! thanks for your reply but unfortunately I tried that already and its giving me strange deformations as well.

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    Could you maybe upload a screenshot or file where we can have a look at the problem?

    I just tried it with an animated character, and it works fine here.

    Are you using joints for a rig, or a character object?

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    hey Zullup. 
    When creating a rig is really important to freeze your mesh, controlers, bones and so on. Try to:


    01. freeze your assets

    02. set yout bind pose

    03. scale

    04. set yout bind pose again


    It should work.

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