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Splitting Selections & Point Order

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I’m trying to combine UVW tags so I can use one texture for several objects (without having to use the Bodypaint wizard). I have found a method that is successful:

  1. Run the Connect command on the objects
  2. Run the UVCommand “Realign
  3. Separate the objects
  4. Copy the UVW tag of the separated object to the original object


I’m trying to write a script that does this. The trouble comes with step 3: Separate the objects. When I use the “Polygon Groups to Objects” command, this method works.


Often, though, I don’t want to explode the object into smaller objects; I just want to realign the existing UV islands and keep the polygon groups as one object. So I tried a different method: combining them with polygon Selection Tags for each object, selecting each object with a Selection Tag, then running the Split modeling command.


For some reason, Split seems to rearrange the points, because when I drag the split object’s UVW tag to the original geometry, many of the points jump to the same UV position [0,0].


Can you please help me separate objects using Selection Tags (or another method) without separating all the polygon groups while maintaining the point order so I can copy the UVW tag to the original object? My scene file is attached.



Thank you!

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  • 10 hours ago, Hrvoje said:

    That seems like quite complicated script. Do you already have something written?

    Hi @Hrvoje, thanks for the response. I do have something written, but rather than focus on the Python, I'm trying to get it working manually.


    I've recorded a 1.5 minute screencast of the issue:





    In this example, the Cube and the Platonic work correctly when I drag the UVW tags to the original objects. There is an issue with the Pyramid's UVs, however, and as you can see in my original post, there were UVs issues when I dragged the UVW tags to the original objects with the Figure I split as well.


    The scene I used is uploaded here:


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    53 minutes ago, cinomadic said:

    There is an issue with the Pyramid's UVs


    What exactly is the issue you have with the Pyramid's UVs?

    From the screenshot I don't see any issue.



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  • 39 minutes ago, Hrvoje said:

    It says video is unavailable :)

    @Hrvoje, thanks, I had my video's visibility set to Private. It should be working now.


    @C4DS thank you for the reply. In the screenshot, the connected object is selected and all of the UVs are correct. The issue happens when I split that object by its auto-generated selection tags and drag the resulting UVW tags to the original objects. The video I linked shows the issue.


    Thank you! 

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  • 1 minute ago, Hrvoje said:

    That looks like a bug. Please report this to MAXON...

    @Hrvoje I have. Thank you!

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