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Colors in AE different than Cinema 4D?

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In Cinema 4D I tracked some footage (image sequence). Then I added some objects (a plane which represent a part of a street from the footage, I texturized with the street's image), then added a lightning, a Voronoi Fracture of that plane, an explosion (with TurbulenceFD).

All good and dandy...I imported the footage in After Effects, then imported the C4D export files over it (OpenEXR files). I composed them and the imported OpenEXR files were set to Screen ads blending mode.

Both footages are set to 24 frames per second, sRGB color mode, 16 bits.


Yet, the footage exported from C4D looks different (brighter) than the original (from which the texture was taken and applied to the C4D objects). See the image attached.
Why it is different? What blend mode should I use (if that is the cause)? (I have tried basically all of them and none produces the results I want)

Do I have to color correct? (I mean, the difference is quite big)

What should I do?




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