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Thomas Carpenter

Swirling Liquid via Displacer

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Hello amazing people! 


Can anyone help us work out how best to tackle recreating this marble/liquid effect? 


We've been playing with displacement maps and getting some okay results but because we're using geometry we're a little limited by how complex  we can make the swirls. Also we haven't found the perfect mix of displacement. 


For the animation / motion of the image we've been given this awesome BBC 2 ident as a reference:



Any thoughts & help much appreciated!



blue marble.jpg

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Just an idea, but what about an animated electric noise, driving a distorter, which is in turn affecting (above it in layer shader) the first noise you had in your displacer ? That should give you more 'swirlyness' than noise alone.  I'd also try and make my base noise / and or textures quite stretched in one direction.


There are also a couple of swirly shaders that could be blended into the mix in that layer setup - Fire and Cyclone shaders from the Shader / Surfaces sub-menu both spring to mind as being potentially helpful here as they have quite liquidy movement...


I've also seen cloth setups that can produce a similar effect, but can't remember where !





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This quick test is mainly a 2 octave stretched Fire shader, altered so it fills the entire plane, animating slowly (TF=0.1), with an (also animated) electric driven Distort Effect on top. Tiny amount of cyclone in underneath all that.





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Her Cerbera, 


that's got some nice effects going on - that's a great shout on the shaders -  i think i'll be able to add that into my setup and hopefully will give the added layer of complexity that we need. 


What we have going on in the displacement sounds similar to what you've described but we only had a gradient in the shader and applied flat onto the topology. 


Will try adding an extra leyer of detail in the displacers too. We had a bit of feedback from the client which will help in that we can keep it to locked off camera at the top - before they wanted to zoom right into the plane and then look along it like a horizon which was killing us in terms of the amount of geometry we had to have in the scene.


If you're interested here is where we ended up on first pass to the client:

https://www.dropbox.com/s/7nj4zs1hs9ud1o5/Displacement 3.mp4?dl=0 






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