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Youtube tutorial request pit

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On 6/26/2019 at 9:54 AM, DasFrodo said:

I guess it entirely depends on what quality you need, but I don't think you can get anywhere near this without plugins.

you can get somewhat close with a highly subdivided mesh and a couple of displacer deformers with the right values and noise types.


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On 5/21/2019 at 2:29 PM, Freemorpheme said:

I would like to see a series of best practice workflow guides on modelling small objects, with attention paid to solving ngons. I still get stuck on the simplest of flows and I never know where I should be solving things, or the best place to start modelling.


It would be great to have a series of videos where you model each of the small parts of something, like a robot arm or something like that, and then since you have perfect workflow, people watching the videos will pick things up that are not the 'purpose' of the video, just little workflow tips and solutions to modelling problems. 




For instance this arm - I can think of a couple of ways of making the claw, but which one is best and wont have me solving ngon lines for four hours in the middle of the night? Do I Boole them out and then try and fix them? Do I start with three circle polygons and connect them? That base object, should I just intersect some different objects and hope for the best or is there a way of using SDS for this? Should I use the volume builder?


I know this is above and beyond the scope of the topic, but if you dont ask you dont get!


Also, the videos needn't be the high polish of the VP days, I think I would learn a lot from just a screen recording of an expert user making such objects, even with any mistakes left in.





I could start doing these together if people would be interested. Some small modeling projects, as I always wanted to share my way of working. That could be interesting!

U-Render Quality Assurance Specialist

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Hello, I am Han living in Korea. I have been studying steadily with C4D Cafe's amazing Youtube Tutorial. I woke up today and checked that the site is closed. I feel like the world is falling apart. Please open it again or purchase Tutorial.

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Somebody needs to make a video tutorial on using the new Corona 3 dedicated Hair material within the C4D environment.    There is almost no information on how to use it online,  and Corona's helpfiles are very terse and brief...

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