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R20 Random effector: source link?

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Hi all,

I'm trying to do what Sean is doing in the following tutorial, but I have R20.  Basically:

I want a cloner to drive a a random effector.  So when the clones pass through my object, they trigger the random effector in that area.  I guess that's basically using the cloner as a field, right?


In Sean's tutorial, he uses the random effector to offset fragments of a voronoi fractured object.  He puts a cloner into the "source link" field of the random effector, then animates the cloner so the clones are jumping around.


It looks like "source link" was removed in R20 (or earlier), though.  


In general, I don't full understand how to use a cloner with fields.







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I have watched a number of videos on fields.  I still can't figure out how to get the exact outcome I need.


I basically want to trigger a random effector in the location where a cloner passes through the object.  But I can't get it to recognize a cloner.

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