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Parenting Instances

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I'm still fighting my way with instances, have to say: MAXON please rethink your workflow. 

But, maybe I'm just to stupid.

What I want: Select the reference of instances, then select all the instances and move them to a group or merge them etc. Simple organize my scene.

1. Selecting all works with scripts, done.

2. Convert render instances to mesh: Strange but for that you first need to convert them to Instance, then do the conversion. Not logical, but maybe they hate us. 

3. Convert instances to editable. Works. But each instance is moved to a group. So I need to select all former instances again to merge them. Thats really painful.

4. Moving instances in your scene (like in a new group). Somehow C4D always moves them when grouping. I want to have them remain in place. It works when unparenting, but not with parenting. Stuck here!


This stuff I do all the time in other software without even asking once, so I'm a bit desperate, and already installed a bunch of scripts, still I'm far from production ready workflow. I normally just pick the reference of instances, and parent all instances under nice, to easily find them later. Not working in C4D. Also a simple merge selected only work on mesh, not instances, its getting painful.


Hope someone has the same problem and helps.


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2. I agree, that is odd - we probably shouldn't have to do that. Struggling to think why MAXON would do it on purpose so I am guessing this is a bug or oversight, which should be reported as such via the normal channels. If it isn't a bug, it should be a suggestion instead.


3. It only becomes a group if the reference object is a group AFAIK, and that is entirely helpful behaviour in that circumstance, surely ? But if your reference is a single mesh, then that's what your instances become when you make them editable, and that is working in my tests. Also, if you make a whole bunch of instances editable at once, the groups created are already selected, so now you can r-click one of them, hold shift and choose Select Children, which will select everything in all the groups at once AND the groups, so you can COaD them all into one (or group them via Alt-G) from there.


If you do need to select all the instances again and again for some reason, then why not make a Selection Object the first time you have them all selected, that will enable you to re-select them in a double-click ?


4. I can find no evidence of this. If I group my instances, either by selecting them all and doing Alt-G, or by physically dragging them under a new null, they stay right where they are. Could you upload a scene file that demonstrates this problem ?







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1. Select the master (reference) object and all the instances.


2. Hit ALT + G to Group them (nothing should move when you do this) and now they should all be in a group call NULL.  Rename to taste.


3.  Select all the instances and make sure they are Instances, not RENDER instances.


4.  Hit C to make editable (yes, you can do this to all of them in one go).


5.  Now you select all the converted objects (even if they are smaller sub groups - just select the parent, you don't need to drill down and select each sub (child) object) and:


  • 5a. Put them into one CONNECT object and then make the Connect object editable - this will just flatten everything into one mesh - you'll probably have to recenter your axis


  • 5b.  With Subgroups still selected - hold ALT and then add a CONNECT object - this will put each sub group into it's own connect object - then hit C to make editable and each subgroup will flatten into its own mesh - again you can do all this in one go on multiple objects and folders.


Make sense?


One snag can be that making a connect object editable can sometimes add a PHONG tag or change the phong settings - so if you are getting shading errors on your mesh, check out the phong angle.



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