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A Logo Reveal With Photos

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Hello café community,

I'm working on an idea which is fairly common where a bunch of photos go flying past the camera to form a logo.

I'm wondering with the new fields options if it would be possible to take a logo, then somehow break up that logo into uniform squares or rectangles where I can then assign from a lot of 200 plus images. How to actually do this, I have no idea. I'm just brainstorming at the moment.

I also considered using mograph  with the shader effector which could work by assigning a different picture to each clone and those clones merge to create the logo at the end.


Any ideas or thoughts?




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Will have a stab at this :)


EDIT: Here we go. Use Fracture with multishader. That way you can load many images into multishader easily (from folder). If you are wondering how to build the Logo from rectangles simply create a plane with desired density, convert and place empty selection tag. Then simply load the Logo as field into selection tag and play with settings until you are satisfied. Then simply delete everything except selection itself. Important step is to select all faces and disconnect them otherwise they won't be considered as clones under Fracture! Hope this helps :)




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