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Reverse Particles

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Hello Cafemates, again.
I've searched for hours on internet but can not find any useful info: Is it possible to reverse emitter particles simulation?
I've tried simulation cache, mograph cache, cloning emitter, bake, instance... But no way!

Is there anyone who knows the secret?

(I can file/render it seperately and composite with main scene but it is not the way for me. I have to move camera over my scene and if i change my mind on any point of the sequence, anew angle, a new light etc. it will be neccesary to get a new file again. No, that is not the thing.)

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There's got to be a better way, but here's what I got to work:

Make a Cloner, set to Object mode, and drop in your Emitter (with no geometry, just particles)

Put a cube or some geometry in your Cloner (ideally your particles need geometry?  use that)

Now got to File > Export > FBX.  Here are the settings I used:

Import the FBX file back into Cinema and you should see all your particles animating as separate meshes

Now go to the timeline and select all the keyframes

Zoom way out and grab the left handle and drag it to the right, past the end of the timeline by as many frames as it is long

Drag them back to the start and you should have reversed all the particles!

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  • Thanks @natevplas

    I can make a try today.
    (I've solved my problem in a complex way yesterday. I used a few particle effectors like attractors and shrunk the particles to the point after i distrubuted them around. But this was the temporary method. I will try FBX.)

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    If that doesn't work for you for some reason, you could always create your camera moves in reverse, then render normally and reverse the sequence in AE.

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