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Hello, I am trying to rig an inch worm to move as it does. Back end of the worm moves toward front and middle section raises up in a rainbow-like arc, then the front moves forward and resets the arc down...repeat.

Well, I cannot get the correct hierarchy of joints/controllers to manage this. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Thank you!


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Hi @Union, it's not that tricky really (...well maybe it is):

You mainly need to rely on IK spline with 2 handles, one right behind the head and one 2 joints before the end of the tail, to bend the curve.

In the picture the Pyramid is the root node responsible for translation, and the neck handle rotation is handling the curve. The last joint will act for corrective rotation to achieve that characteristic inch worm movement.


Have a look at the draft to figure it out, otherwise let us know if you still need further help.





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  • Thanks so much for your reply, and for trying to help me "get it". Unfortunately I can't re-create what you show. I guess I don't know how to create the handles? or are they "goals"? I currently am hand animating the joints with keyframes. After many different re-creations of goals and IK attached to different joints in the chain, I gave up.


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    No worries Union, we'll help you get there. I m on the road right now, give me a couple of hours and we ll do this together

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    Alright Union I went through your file, so let's start from scratch here:

    1. Draw a linear spline parallel to the floor. Just 2 points, start and end. Make your spline Bezier. Name this "Control Spline"

    2. Duplicate that spline, choose the 2 vertices, right click subdivide.Choose again the new vertices and subdivide again and then one more time.

    3. Choose all the vertices, go to Character/Convert/Spline to joints.

    4. Name the root of this Chain Spline IK.

    5. Take the first joint and apply a Spline IK. Use the end joint as the end and the CONTROL SPLINE with the 2 points, as your reference spline.

    6. Now go inside the Spline IK tag and press Add & Create twice. No you have 2 handles that will control the curve of that spine. Essentially what they're controlling is the tangents of the bezier curve,

    7. Zero out/Freeze the two nulls you created. Inside the tag of each null color them and shape them to taste.

    8. Use protection tag on Translation/Scale and all rotation axis apart from P.

    9. Now try out that spline curving, and go back inside the IK Spline menu to play with the distances. See my previous picture to pick on the ratio: Head to Tail controlling distance is almost 1/5.

    10. Now it's time to create the head and tail joints. I think you know how to do that. Just parent them accordingly (use the image above)

    11. Zero out everything

    12. Don't bind your mesh until your joints are working as they should .





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    Hi Vertex,


    Thanks for this step-by-step explanation. This really helped me out in a project. I was curious if you were able to look at my file and see if I did this correctly? I think I'm getting the desired result but I'm not sure if I parented the head and tail correctly. 



    Gummy Worm Rigged Animation.c4d

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