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Team Render with dynamic ips

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Hi Guys


We're trying to set up team render in our studio.  We have 4 floating licenses of C4D all running from a central server.  I ran the team render client on four of our machines and connected to them from my own.  All had green lights, all contributed, it was a dream.


I tried it again the next day and haven't been able to get them to connect since.  


Our ips dynamically change every day, but I've had them reserved now for each machine while we try and figure this out.  Thing is, the team render window, that shows available machines, finds them, but the little connection icons stay red.  If I try and connect, they time out.  The ip addresses are correct though, and the system information (RAM and CPU etc) shows up in the UI next to the machine name.


Anyone else had this?  


Any help would be massively appreciated.





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